We provide Survey Data & Results Analysis

If you have conducted a survey and struggling to make use of the data in an efficient way and would like to create meaning from your new asset. We have the solution to ingest and analyse millions of survey results. We apply modern data solutions to make sense and provide insights into your Survey Data finding patterns, correlations and trends within your survey data and produce an insightful survey analysis report for you to take action from your data.

3 Easy Steps to Unlock Your Insights

  • Contact us and get started today
  • Provide access to the survey data or sources
  • Receive your Advanced Survey Data Analysis Report

Ingest Raw Data Transforming Rows into Insight

First step of the Survey Data Analysis is to get the data into a usable format connecting to your source data either in raw format or via the survey providers API. We then process the data cleaning any erroneous data and modelling the data into a relational dataset for efficient analysis.

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Deep Dive Into the Data and Unlock its True Potencial

Once we have the relational model, its time to dig into the data and find out what insights can provide value. Often survey data is full of potential as its the unbiased view of the customer, a voice that must be listened to. We find patterns and correlations across the data set to identify the key touch points that offer the greatest actionable topics.

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Take Action

End result is a intuitive and easy to interpret report provided in Power BI, so you can view your Survey Results Analysis. Our inhouse development team are specialists in breaking down the data and presenting it back in a visually appeasing report.

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Survey Data Sources

  • Survey Monkey
  • MS Forms
  • Custom Survey Platforms
  • and More...

Data Platforms

  • Azure Synapse
  • SQL Databases
  • Web API
  • and More...

Indepth Reports

  • Power BI
  • Google Data Studio
  • Tableau
  • and More...

Survey Analysis

Select Your Choice

  • Simple Survey


  • Single Survey Data Source
  • Up to 18 Questions
  • Lookthru Report in Power BI
  • Ongoing Support
  • Datawarehouse Setup and Integration
  • Super Survey


  • Up to 3 Survey Data Sources
  • Up to 60 Questions
  • Branded Report in Power BI
  • Ongoing Support
  • Datawarehouse Setup and Integration
  • Bespoke Survey


  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Bespoke Analysis Report
  • Ongoing Support
  • Datawarehouse Setup and Integration

Work Process

How We Work


Ingest the Data

Ingest and Model the Survey Results Data for efficient analysis, following best practises and secure protocols.


Unlock the Data

Through our Modern Data Solutions we analyse and investigate the data unlocking its potential.


Visualize the Data

Using industry leading software like Power BI. We produce an intuitive and easy to interpret report.

Survey Results Analysis

We aim to ingest and provide industry leading results of your survey data, enabling you to take action on your data. We use modern data solutions such as Synapse and Data Factory as part of our Data Warehousing approach and industry leading tools like Power BI to ensure data is handled, modelled and analysed in a way that ensures it can add long term value.

Enabling use to Analyse data from for example Survey Monkey in Power BI bringing together the most popular survey platform with a global reach and the world leading BI Tool.

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