Integrated Business Intelligence

  • Fully Managed BI Service Desk
  • Scalable Plans to Help Your Business Grow
  • Reliable Consultants
  • Cost Saving of 60%!
  • On Demand to Full Integrated We've Got You Covered

Free Consultation

Integrated Business Intelligence is our Managed Service Offering giving you the capability and capacity to implement industry leading BI technology and solutions without the huge and long term commitment of hiring the capability in house, or as an expansion to fill any skills gaps identified in house.

We are heavily Microsoft first in our approach and have over 30 years combined experience in BI delivering professional services and solutions. Our expertise covers on premise solutions, migrations to cloud, and the Microsoft Azure BI Stack. We can support GDS and AWS solutions but our primary focus has been Microsoft to date.

Managed Business Intelligence

Integrated Business Intelligence Services

Lookthru can assist your business by providing a Business Intelligence Team as a service, this means you will no longer need to hire a team of Business Intelligence experts. This can help save you the cost of hiring and employing your own team.

At Lookthru, we manage a team of excellent Business Intelligence Consultants who can work alongside you and your business, without the day to day management.

For one fixed fee tailored based on future ambitions and timeline we can be a cost effective alternative with all the benefits of having an integral BI team.

  • AD HOC

    £75 Hour

  • £395 Enrolment Fee
  • Monthly Billing Cycle
  • Up to 8 Hours per Week
  • Power BI & SQL Support
  • SLA Support Desk
  • Fully Managed

    £4875 Month

  • Free Enrolment Fee
  • Half Year Billing Cycle
  • ** Unlimited Hours
  • End to End BI Support
  • 2 Hour SLA Support Desk
  • Time Reservation

    £2456 Month *

  • £195 Enrolment Fee
  • Quarterly Billing Cycle
  • From 10 Hours per Week
  • End to End BI Support
  • 24 Hour SLA Support Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits?

The managed BI service provider is aimed towards giving everyone the capability of an established Business Intelligence function at a cost saving, making it affordable for everyone.

The key benefits are:
- Reduced Business Risk.
- Increased Savings vs Hiring an In-House Team.
- Scalable to work with you as you grow.
- Expert consultation on-hand to guide data strategies.
- Expansion of your own business, work just like an inhouse team without any of the complications.

What does it Cost?

We have the defined packages above but the service is truly flexible to work with you as you grow.

We have the AD HOC plan available to those with initial demand or possibly after your first BI go live and you need the continued support as you integrate your new BI tooling into the business.
For those we a little more demand but not quite ready for a dedicated team we have Reserved Time. Reserved plans are aimed to give you the capacity and capability as you need us, including SLA governed service desk while offering a cost saving over the AD HOC hourly approach.
Our flag ship offering is Fully Managed, we are as one team, we work with you to support, develop, enhance and advise on your BI strategies. Everything is included and the outcome is all the benefits of an inhouse team, without any of the negatives, plus a huge saving vs hiring.


* Time reservation displayed is based on the minimum 10 hours per week, price depends on actual reserved time.

** Fully managed unlimited hours is based on a fair use policy of up to 1300 hours per year