We provide Power BI Development & Consulting Services

If you are just starting out on your Power BI journey or accessing if Power BI is the right tool for your business, we offer Power BI Consulting services to help discover the current data landscape, see if Power BI is viable for your aspirations long term and develop Power BI Dashboards that help drive business decisions forward.

We were an early adopter of Power BI and fell in love straight away with the potential, over the years Microsoft have developed and enhanced Power BI into the industry leading BI Tool it is today. From analysing sales and financial data to gaining a better understanding of your userbase, customers and business Power BI can help turn your company into a data centric organisation that can make informed decisions when they need to, in half the time.

How Lookthru Ensures the Success of Your Implementation

  • Understanding your current data landscape
  • Check for future aspirations ensuring Power BI can grow with your business
  • Understand your business with you, ensuring the delivered reports add value to those that need it
  • Create a single source of the truth to fuel a data driven business

Understand Your Business Requirement

Understanding how and where Power BI can add value in your business is crucial to gaining insight into your business. Whether you want to make faster decisions, understand key performance indicators, or highlight erroneous anomalies in your data, Power BI can help gain that insight. Once we know where we can add value, we can start to access the data to see what's possible.

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Develop and Build the Right Solution for You

We've got the understanding of how and where Power BI will add value, now we can start the develop the Power BI report. We love to get yourself and key stakeholders involved early, to gain that insight to increase the chance of success. We want the finished product to truly add value to your business, designing the report based on your needs, increases that substantially.

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Integrate and Transition to BAU.

Once the requirements are understood, data is analysed and the Power BI report has been developed, it's time to hand over to the team and transition to BAU. We help and aid the transition with our expert knowledge supporting the teams that intend to use the finished report day to day. Working with them to answer queries, provide support and have a change process throughout UAT to really ensure the finished report is fit for their needs.

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Data Sources

  • 120+ Integrations
  • Custom API Development
  • Cloud and On-Premise Support
  • and More...

Data Visualisation

  • 36+ Native Visualisations
  • 200+ Custom Marketplace Visuals
  • Python, R & Custom Visuals
  • and More...

Advanced Capability

  • Time Intelligent
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • and More...

Power BI Consulting

Select Your Choice

  • Getting Started


  • 3 Page Power BI Report
  • Up to 5 focus areas
  • 1-2 Week Lead Time
  • Custom Design
  • SLA Support Desk
  • Advanced Reporting


  • 5 Page Power BI Report
  • Up to 10 focus areas
  • 2-3 Week Lead Time
  • Custom Design
  • SLA Support Desk
  • Bespoke Reporting


  • Tailored Reporting
  • Defined Strategy and Use Case
  • 6-8 Week Lead Time
  • Custom Design
  • 24 Hr SLA Support Desk

Work Process

How We Work


Understand the Requirement

Discovery Sessions to Understand the requirement, current reporting solutions and future aspirations of how and where Power BI can add value.


Design and Develop

Develop the Power BI Solution around your use case and data, ensuring the finished product can add value over the long term.


Validate & Analyse

Once the report is developed, we work with you to validate the output is accurate and integrate the report to BAU. Working with the business users to ensure user adoption.

Power BI Consulting

Power BI Development and Consulting to ensure you get the most from your greatest asset and turn rows into insights. We have worked with Power BI for over 6 years as an early adopter and always strive to push what’s possible within Power BI. All developments from ‘Getting Started’ to ‘Bespoke Power BI Developments’ are designed around your use case and look to add value and solve problems ensuring the successful adoption of Power BI.

We use modern data solutions such as Synapse and Data Factory as part of our Data Warehousing approach and industry leading tools like Power BI to ensure data is handled, modelled and analysed in a way that ensures it can add long term value.

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