We provide Data Warehouse Implementations

If you are just starting out on your data journey or looking to migrate to cloud services to implement a modern data solution, we offer data warehouse implementations as a service.
We combine an array of Azure based services around your current and future ambitions to ensure the Datawarehouse solution implemented can support you now and in the future.
All implementations look to take advantage of the latest advancements in Azure to provide a robust, fault tolerant and scalable Datawarehouse.

How Lookthru Ensures the Success of Your Implementation

  • Understanding your current data landscape
  • Check for future aspirations ensuring the Datawarehouse can grow with your business
  • Validate source data mappings to ensure the data can support current aspirations
  • Create a single source of the truth to fuel a data driven business

Understand your current data landscape

We start by accessing your current data landscape across Marketing, ERP, CRM, Finance and Application data, to access what information should be brought into the Datawarehouse. We gain a unique understanding of your business, aspirations and current capability from this which is essential in ensuring the success and longevity of the modern data platform

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Seamlessly Integrate Existing Source Data

Integrating the source data with the Datawarehouse solution is the next phase, developing ETL processes to ingest the raw data to merge into the Datawarehouse. Our processes are designed to run efficiently on schedule keeping your data repositories up to date as you need them

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Gold Tier Data to Support Your Businesses Aspirations

Once the data is understood, integrated and landed, it is modelled into a unified single source of the truth to supply downstream analytical applications and processes, ensuring everyone who needs access, has access when they need it.

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Data Sources

  • 120+ Integrations
  • Custom API Development
  • Cloud and On-Premise Support
  • and More...

Data Transition

  • Scalable ETL Pipelines
  • Data Migrations to Cloud
  • Automated Error Handling
  • and More...

Advanced Capability

  • Time Intelligent
  • Metadata Driven
  • Advance Analytical Processing
  • and More...

Data Warehouse Implementation

Select Your Choice

  • Silver Implementation

    £425 Month

  • £2995 Initial Setup Fee
  • Up to 3 Structured Data Sources
  • Up to 1 Million Rows p/Month
  • Management Dashboard
  • 24 Hr SLA Support Desk
  • Gold Implementation

    £550 Month

  • £4995 Initial Setup Fee
  • Up to 5 Data Sources
  • Up to 10 Million Rows p/Month
  • Management Web App & Dashboard
  • 12 Hr SLA Support Desk
  • Platinum Implementation


  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Unlimited Rows p/Month
  • Management Web App & Dashboard
  • Up to 1 Hr SLA Support Desk

Work Process

How We Work


Understand the Data

Discovery Sessions to Understand the data sources, current reporting and future aspirations for the Modern Data Platform


Integrate & Ingest

Develop the ETL Processes to connect to source and integrate the data with the Data Warehouse Solution


Validate & Analyse

Once the data is validated vs the original source, you will have a single Data Warehouse solution so support any downstream business applications and processes, like Power BI or Azure Machine Learning.

Data Warehouse Implementation

Our Data Warehousing blueprint offers an accelerator to implement a Modern Data Platform ingesting multiple sources simultaneously, with fault tolerant and scalable pipelines ingesting data in near real time without error. We use modern data solutions such as Synapse and Data Factory as part of our Data Warehousing approach and industry leading tools like Power BI to ensure data is handled, modelled and analysed in a way that ensures it can add long term value.

Our primary Azure services to accomplish this accelerated implementation is Data Factory + Azure SQL or Synapse depending on the requirements and needs of your business.

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