Benefits to Azure Data Warehousing

  • Limitless Scale
  • Faster Business Insights
  • Business Leverage
  • Enable data integration

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Getting the most from your data starts at the foundation and ensuring you have the right data warehousing in place gives a great foundation to build on. We have a cloud first approach and primarily utilise Microsoft Azure services to build data warehousing solutions.

What is Azure Data Warehousing?

Data warehousing is the storage of company information, it is key component of Business Intelligence.

Data from disparate sources limit the ability of decision makers to set business strategies with confidence.

Data warehousing helps enable data integration, allowing business users to leverage from their data to create the best business decisions.

Microsoft Azure Data warehousing

We try to remain vendor neutral but have a natural bias towards Microsoft services, Azure has a range of services that help provide a robust and fault tolerant data warehouse to aid automation and developing a single source of the truth to serve downstream analytical applications and processes.

Machine Learning

Utilising Azure Data Warehousing we can make use of a range of machine learning capabilities within Azure to provide accurate forecasting, next best action and decision tree capability.