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  • Microsoft Power BI Developer Certified
  • Migration projects to Power BI
  • Descriptive and Predictive Analytics
  • Early adopters of Power BI with an extensive background

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Lookthru was an early adopter of Power BI, making it our tool of choice for data visualisation and analysis. From the initial release we have been providing consultancy services for Power BI, ensuring you get the most from your data. From migrating from historic solutions like Excel and SSRS to Power BI, to developing from the ground up reporting suites to support your business.
We have a real passion for Power BI and would love to help you take that first step and show you what it is really capable of.

Microsoft Power BI Developer

Microsoft Power BI Developer

Power BI has quickly become an industry leader in Business Intelligence applications and for good reason. With extensive connectivity to a range of external services as well as full Azure support it provides an out of the box solution to bringing in all your business data for analysis.

From proof of concept to developing a business suite of reports, Lookthru have dedicated consultants to help ensure you get the right start to your Power BI Developments.

Power BI Consultants

If you are looking to see what Power BI can do for your business, get in touch today and arrange a free consultation. We would be happy to run through your aims and ambitions for BI as a whole and help ensure you take the right steps early to ensure success.

It wont be a run of the mill sales call, we’ll be happy to run through your options and if you wanted a proposal sending across to how we would roll out the solution we’d be happy to start the process.

Why Power BI?

Understanding your data, beyond the means of Excel is essential in todays world. Understanding your business data can be the difference between break even and driving business growth.

Knowing your key drivers for success, understanding your KPI’s and being able to take action at a moments notice is all possible with BI.

There are other applications out there but for us, Power BI out performs the market competition with more investment, product development and advanced features its the BI tool of choice.

What data can I analyse with Power BI?

Almost any data is accessible to Power BI with over 200 connections, it is the most data rich and accessible tool available on the market. In the event there isn't an out the box connector available, our consultants can develop ETL processes to ingest your data for analysis if you have a inhouse API or bespoke application housing your data.

How much does Power BI costs?

Power BI has 3 overall plans depending on your needs.
There is a Free Power BI license which lets you connect to all 200 connectors and publish to the service which is usually able to support POC and initial projects while you develop the reports.
If you need to collaborate and provision access internally to the reports, you will need Power BI Pro which is £7 per month, per user putting it a very competitive price point.
If you need more due to wanting to service people outside of your business domain or you have over 300 users, then Power BI Premium is the plan you need with dedicated capacity on a fully managed platform it has everything you'll need.

You can find out more about the plans they offer by visiting there official website.

I currently have an existing BI tool, can it be migrated to Power BI?

We have completed many projects with clients who have had historically used alternative BI tools. There isn't a direct migration tool, however we can break down your current reports and rebuild them so as a minimum, you will have the same level of detail but with all the fantastic features of Power BI.