Outsourced Business Intelligence

  • BI Project Management
  • BI Strategy Development
  • Proof of Value Concepts
  • Azure Cloud Migration
  • Date Warehousing
  • Data Analysis

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Lookthru provides as End to End Business Intelligence Consulting services, ranging from an initial discovery and proof of value for your company to implementing modern data warehouses and a reporting suite to meet the needs of the business, including lifetime support for the implemented solutions or existing systems in place.
Whether you have just started to look into utilising your company data to add value or have an established architecture in place, lets have a chat today and see how Lookthru can help.

Explore Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Business Analytics cover a broad range of services as whole but as its core is the ability to take raw data and generate actionable insights to make informed decisions.

Over the last 10 years Business Intelligence has become more and more important to businesses of all industries and has transformed the way many businesses plan future investment and monitor key performance indicators across the business.

In todays market, Business Intelligence is no longer an option and with the tools we adopt its no an obtainable service to all companies of any size.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is about taking your companies greatest asset, its data and producing actionable insights that aid better informed decisions, forecast outcome and predict the impact of a progressive changes as your company adapts to an ever changing market.

How BI Can Help You

  • Develop a Business Intelligence Strategy
  • Improve Data Ingestion and Automate Dependant Processes
  • See a greater ROI through saved time and resources

Data Warehousing

Having the right data warehouse platform is the foundation to a successful BI implementation project. As the data sources grow and more and more data is made available, you need a scalable and cost efficient data warehouse that can grow with your business while providing a single source of truth.

We recommend and use Azure for our cloud services. There is a range of services available is Azure and a wealth of supplementary products which ensure your getting the most from your data as it grows over time and your appetite for BI and its capability grows.

Arrange a free consultation today to see how Lookthru can assist with your Cloud Architecture.

Data Extractions, Transformations and Load (ETL/ELT)

Once you have a data strategy defined that will assist in your company goals, you need to be able implement without impacting operational performance in a negative manor.

Operational and business systems that generally hold the live data you need to start the BI project generally are depended upon in the business and would be impacted it the analytical load was placed onto. As a result we need to migrate the data from these operational systems to your analytical data warehouse.

Using latest technology Lookthru can orchestrate and develop data pipeline to extract the data and load it into a relational database that is optimised for analysis.

This landed data lake then can be fed into the data warehouse for analytical models to take advantage of or served directed to the end user to perform their own ad-hoc analysis.

Data Visualisations and Reporting

Once you have the data optimally stored for analysis, we need to able to analyse the information to provide actionable insights.

Our tool of choice for BI Reporting and report development is Power BI. Lookthru has been an early adopter of Power BI and still continues to use this tool for preparing and publishing BI reports, almost exclusively.

Power BI has quickly become an industry leader in BI reporting and you’ll get an immediate ROI in adopting the application for your reporting needs.

Where can I get Business Intelligence help?

Check our our published articles, we have a range of focuses published weekly and there is some great tips to getting started to ensure your business is BI ready. Alternatively you can arrange a free consultation today and we'll be happy to assist in any questions you have or possibly arranging a demo.

How much do Business Intelligence Consultancy services cost?

This is a harder one to answer in truth. Our packages are tailored per business depending on their needs and the depth of the solution required to ensure you get the desired outcome.
Get in touch today though and we'd be happy to review your plans and provide an outlined quote for the project and timelines to implement.

What kind of data is needed for analysis?

Depending on the business model, any and all data can be ingested into a data model for analysis. You'd be surprised what conclusions can be drawn for combining what would otherwise be disparate datasets and seeing the correlation between two datasets and how they relate to get an outcome.